Hotronix® Patents and Innovations
We don’t just make heat presses, we make heat presses better.
Below is just a small list of our industry-first and Hotronix-exclusive heat press features.

  • Over the Center Pressure Adjustment – allows the pressure to be evenly distributed for proper application every time.
  • Cast-in Tubular Heating Elements – prevent cold spots on the heating platen.
  • Digital Time, Temperature and Pressure Display – lets you know exactly how your machine is set, ensuring proper application.
  • Auto-Opening Heat Press – prevents over-application and burning of transfers.
  • Auto Swing – conveniently provides a heat-free workspace while reducing operator fatigue.
  • Touch Screen Technology – easily adjust your machine’s settings without dials, knobs, or buttons.
  • Full Threadability™ – print both sides of a garment without re-dressing the platen, reducing production time by up to 40%.
  • Auto Adjust Pressure – takes the guesswork out of setting proper pressure.
  • Multiple Time Settings – pre-heat and apply without having to reset your timer.
  • Pre-Set Programs – program your heat press to apply a different material in a few easy steps.
  • Quick Change Lower Platens – quickly and easily change between jobs – no tools required.

Stahls' Hotronix®
Manufactured & Built in the USA

Geo Knight & Co is known throughout the imprinting industry for our top-end, high-quality heat press machinery. For heat pressing t-shirts, caps, plates, mugs, tiles, or anything else that requires heat transfer printing, we guarantee you will find a solution for your needs and budget on this website. From hobby presses to commercial grade manual & automatic heat presses, from industrial presses to large format heat presses, we make it all...and we make it in the USA right here at our factory in Brockton, MA.

​Established in 1885, Geo Knight & Co Inc has manufactured industrial press machinery and die cutting equipment for over a century. For the past 4+ decades, we have specialized in heat transfer press equipment for both commercial, private and industrial use.

Located in Brockton Massachusetts, we ship machinery nationwide and all over the world. Our practical ability and common sense of what it takes to make customer applications work has earned us a valuable reputation in imprinting related markets today. Our manufacturing facility provides us with the ability to produce custom solutions to the heat transfer machinery needs of customers worldwide.

Our product line of press machinery has been fine tuned over the decades to be able to meet basically every and any heat pressing requirement. If your application needs heat and pressure, be it image transfer imprinting, heat sealing, branding, hot-fixing, laminating or other processes - our machinery will meet your needs.

Once in a while a customer's application will need something customized. Perhaps a special loading pallet, a specific shaped heat platen or possibly a certain support framework is needed. Whatever it is, the answer is usually yes. Our factory allows us to act fast, responding accurately and efficiently to the newest and most unique requests. Our pricing is fair and reasonable on customized applications, simply because we do this so often.

If a specific machine on this site isn't quite what you need, fill out the contact form and let us know what you need. We are good at listening, and just good at responding by drawing on decades of experience in producing solid heat pressing equipment solutions for our customers.

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Stahls' Hotronix® heat presses are engineered by experts who understand heat printing and are always working to meet the changing needs of heat printing professionals. We are here to support your business at any time with our 24/7/365 Blue Ribbon Support program.

Geo Knight & Co Inc
Manufactured & Built in the USA